Belly Dance Tucson® classes for all levels are held in the 2nd floor of The Historic Y. The Historic Y is a clean, air conditioned, historic building in the heart of down town Tucson. With in walking distance of the U of A, the Historic Y is conveniently located just off I-10.

Parking (after 5 pm)

~The lot directly behind the Historic Y. This lot can be accessed by taking the alley between 4th ave. and 5th ave. just off University Blvd. You may walk around the south side of the building as a short cut back to the front entrance.

~Parallel parking on both 5th and University is permitted provided that it is on the side of the street that the Historic Y sits on. Do not park on the opposite side of the street where permits are required.

~There 6 parking spots directly in front of the Historic Y (after 5pm only but pay attention to the posted signs).

~Belly Dance Tucson is not responsible for any vehicle towing, parking ticket, damage, or theft. 

738 N 5th Ave. Suite 111 Tucson, AZ 85705 (suite for mailing purposes only. Classes are held at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor in the open loft).