Here is what some of the people we’ve worked with have to say!

From A Production Manager & Performer

Since 2009 I have had the opportunity to work with Belly Dance of Tucson on many occasions. I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism and reliability of Jessica Walker, Belly Dance of Tucson troupe director, and the high quality performance the troupe offers.

As an event manager it is important to me to find entertainment professionals I can count on who are easy to work with while still providing excellent entertainment. I have found that Jessica Walker communicates well as a troupe director, is always on-time and well prepared for events and can deliver the show that fits each event uniquely. In addition, I have heard nothing but compliments from event attendees, other performers and my staff regarding the entertainment value of this troupe. Belly Dance of Tucson is a very unique fusion troupe unlike any other I have seen in Tucson. I highly recommend this group if you are looking for memorable and unique entertainment for your next event.

Thank you,
Michelle Larson,

Assistant Artistic Director EA

From A Landlord

As the owner of The Historic Y I am proud to say that we are the home of many fun and exciting groups one of which is Belly Dance Tucson. I have seen the Belly Dance Tucson troupe practice in our building on occasion and feel very proud that The Historic Y houses such a talented group. I receive many comments from tenants and visitors at how impressed they are with the ladies as dancers and with the “unique world fusion style of dance that they specialize in.  They are also just very nice and courteous people.  I have been very happy with the degree of professionalism with which Jessica conducts her classes and all her interactions at The Historic Y. Tenants have told me having them rehearse in the upstairs lobby is one of the things they love best about The Historic Y.

Shawn Burke

The Historic Y

From A Happy Customer That Hired Belly Dance Tucson To Perform At Their Event

It’s difficult to put into words what a sensation you and your dancers were at my Moroccan Textile Museum opening last Friday night. Having a home in Morocco for the last thirty years has exposed me to many dancers there and I have hired a number of dancers and dance troupes for my Moroccan events around the U.S. Still, I have never seen belly dancing choreographed the way you and your associates showed my guests and myself. You have given a new, more graceful approach to an age old dance.

Your method of changing your costumes (which are gorgeous, by the way) sequentially kept your audience mesmerized for the full length of your performance. As a stickler for professionalism, I also appreciate your personal attention for details before, during and after your performance.

My only complaint is the dancing was so good nobody paid much attention to the exhibit…but I shouldn’t complain: neither did I. Should you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to use me…or any of the fifty or so other people you thrilled Friday night, for that matter.

Thank you again.
Alf Taylor

From A Colleague

I met Jessica in the spring of 2011 and collaborated with her in a performance.  As the Dance Director of Belly Dance of Tucson ensemble in Tucson, AZ her performance reflected her maturity and vast experience as a dancer and choreographer as well as her passionate dedication as an artist.

I can vouch for Jessica’s character, reliability and motivation to share the graceful beauty of Egyptian Cabaret and Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Cliff Berrien,
Artistic Director

Great instructor very clean place.Jesica is a great instructor she is a very experience instructor. Very very fun you must try it.

~ Marina

From A Gift Giver

Got my wife a gift certificate for her birthday and she loved it. The instructors were excellent and really took their time with their students, highly reccommend for a gift. ~ Ron

From A Happy Student

Great instructor very clean place.Jesica is a great instructor she is a very experience instructor. Very very fun you must try it.

~ Melissa

From A Happy Student

GREAT teacher, fun classes. If you want to do a different type of workout, you will have a lot of fun. If you want to workout and work on your technique, Jess is a wonderful teacher. I practically started from scratch with her on July 2010 and I have learned and improved a lot from her teaching skills.

~ Enic

From A Happy Audience Member

I saw Belly Dance Tucson perform at my friend’s birthday party a few months ago. I was so impressed, that I approached Jessica (owner, and one of the dancers) after the show to ask about classes for my girlfriend. Prices were very reasonable, so I decided to surprise my girlfriend with 5 sessions for our anniversary (OK, it was a selfish gift). It has become the gift that keeps on giving, to both of us. My girlfriend loves the classes, and attends every week. And I get to see all the new sexy moves she’s learning every week when she gets home! Guys, you won’t be disappointed!!! And your girlfriends/wives will love you for it!

~ Allan

I have been with the Belly Dance Tucson for almost a year now. I joined the Friday class and we dancing as a trio with Stefanie and Chris Ann. During this period of time we learned two amazing dances with zills and veils. We are just about to start our third dance which we all very excited about and looking forward to. 🙂 I should admit that I never danced with zills before and it was very challenging for me as I learned it with Jessica’s class. Now I can dance with zills and I love it. 🙂 I am always looking forward in attending the Class. It’s a great workout and lots of fun as we are always learning new moves and improving and incorporating our dance skills with what we have been taught. I really enjoy our class very much and I enjoy the beautiful studio! Thank you Jessica, for being a GREAT Instructor. ~Larissa

From A Happy Student

Amazing instructor! I have learned more than I can remember in just 2 yrs of dancing here. Pushes me to really grow and learn as a dancer with many opportunities to showcase my talents in front of friends, family, and the community of very experienced belly dancers. Works with dancers of all levels, shapes and sizes…

~ Savannah

I took lessons with Jess Walker at Pima Community College from 2010 to 2011 and I absolutely loved learning from her! Jess’s class has been one of the most valuable classes I have taken because of her approach to belly dance. Her in depth knowledge of fitness coupled with her outlook that all people can learn belly dance regardless of personal limitations allows each student to discover how the moves work within the individual body type. Jess helped me understand the mechanics of belly rolls, belly flutters, and ¾ shimmy, which are some of the more difficult moves of belly dance to learn. I appreciate all that Jess has offered to me because she has inspired me to become a better dancer!