Class Descriptions

Belly Dance Tucson® Class Descriptions

Drop In Friendly Beginner Belly Dance

This is a great place for new dancers and those wanting to brush up on their technique. This class gives you the understanding of basic belly dance technique, posturing, language, move execution and it helps you to build necessary strength. You must have a working knowledge of the material in the intro class to move into higher level classes. This class is drop in friendly.

Technique and Choreography Series for Beginners

This 12 week series will combine beginner belly dance technique and beginner choreography to give the student a well rounded experience. You can register for this class through February 6th. Space is limited so contact us to reserve your spot now.

UNMATA Improv Tribal Style (ITS) Level 1

Improvisational Tribal Style is a style of belly dance where the choreography for a group is made up on the spot. This is done by dancers learning particular movements and movement combinations that are “cued” by a leader letting the other dancers in the group know what is coming next. This class is beginner friendly!!! Here at Belly Dance Tucson we are honored to have studied with Amy Sigil, director of UNMATA. We are inspired by her format and focus our ITS classes on the UNMATA style format. This class covers the introductory syllabus to the UNMATA format. You must have a working knowledge of the 7 week introductory syllabus to move into the beginner syllabus. Movement into the beginner syllabus must be approved by your instructor. This class is drop in friendly. This class is cyclical and is not always featured on the schedule. Check the current schedule to see what is running.

UNMATA Improv Tribal Style (ITS) Level 2

This is the next phase in the UNMATA format. The Beginner syllabus is 15 weeks. During the 15 weeks the movement combinations become longer than in the Intro syllabus. Once you are approved to be in this class it is drop in friendly. This class is cyclical and is not always featured on the schedule. Check the current schedule to see what is running.

UNMATA Improv Tribal Style (ITS) Level 3 and 4

Once through level 1 and 2, the UNMATA ITS level 3 and 4 class covers advanced group improv concepts and combinations. All BDT troupe members are required to work through all levels of ITS.

Student Troupe

This is an exciting new addition to Belly Dance Tucson! This is for dancers of mixed levels that wish to move into choreography and that have a desire to perform in student recitals and small community events. A working knowledge of the Introduction To Belly Dance class is required and it is encouraged for students to be taking at least one of the following classes weekly: Level 1, Dance Movement and Conditioning, or the Intro to UNMATA ITS class, before auditioning for the student troupe. Auditions for the student troupe are held once a year and it will be posted well in advance so that dancers can practice and prepare for the audition.

Belly Dance Tucson Professional Troupe

This is for dancers that have shown the commitment, strength, endurance, and dedication required to step up their dance to a professional level. Dancers are required to play finger cymbals and use a veil fluently. The troupe dancers must have a full working knowledge of all the technique material through the level 1 class as well as the UNMATA style ITS Beginner class.

Private Class

If you have an area that you have been struggling with and want some one on one help this is perfect for you. If you are wanting to move into the next level of classes but you are not sure what you need to focus on a private lesson is a great way to narrow the focus of your dance practice. Or if you just want some personal feedback about how you can improve a private lesson is a great way to do so! Private lessons can be split by two people.

Specialty Workshops


In this class you will be introduced to dancing with a veil. You will learn how to handle a veil, proper way of holding the veil, and appropriate veil size. This class will generally run in 4 week sessions, require a minimum # of students and due to space considerations are limited to 9 people per class.

Dancing With A Drummer

This class features a talented local musician (bio of current drummer will be listed when we are running a workshop). He/She will go over the basics of Middle Eastern rhythms and drummer dancer communication. This class will be co-taught by both a drummer and a dancer. This class is for all levels and can be structured both as a workshop and a 4 week session. A minimum of 12 people are required for a session to run.

Specialty Workshops With Local Guest Teachers

We are always interested in bringing in other styles of dance such as Indian and Folkloric dances or ballroom style dances. These classes will be posted on the schedule. Sometimes registration will go through Belly Dance Tucson and sometimes it will go through the class instructor. It will be indicated here and on the calendar.