Ashley Lopez ~ November 12 & 13 2011

“Teaching in Tucson was an absolute delight. There’s a rich dance community there, filled with enthusiastic student and professionals alike. For my event, teachers of various stylistic backgrounds and specialties came together to take the workshops, perform in the show, and support Jessica’s event. Jessica’s troupe dancers and friends/family helped out with organization and execution of the weekend’s events so that everything ran smoothly and on-time. Although the weekend was packed with action, there were no hiccups or issues at all.

The host accommodations were absolutely divine: a private guest house to myself with a comfortable bed, shower, sound system, and room to practice if I desired. The food was outstanding, there were snacks in my room and wonderful home-cooked healthy meals to refuel with throughout the day. Jess was extremely detail-oriented in checking in with my dietary preferences/needs and making sure I was comfortable at all times. There was plenty of space in the dressing room backstage, and Jess spaced the workshops, private lessons and performance out so I didn’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. The students were kind, focused, and asked great questions. The audience was packed and full of appreciative applause. What more can a dancer ask for?   I would return in a heartbeat.”

~Ashley Lopez

Video of Ashley as a soloist and with Beats Antique!