Tribal Thursday

Tribal Thursday – Continuing from the Tribal Bible. Last week we discussed the definition of Fusion and Authentic under the “tribal” umbrella. Today we discuss Interpretive and Fantasy. Interpretive can have elements of many of the above categories (see entries from the previous weeks). Performers can do their interpretations for the theater or stage of folkloric or authentic tribal dances, for example. Other times the interpretive part might be artistic – or necessary – leeway with costuming. Theatricalized folkloric dances may fit under this heading as well. This category would also contain any group that performs choreography primarily for its group dances but in other respects appear to be Tribal, such as the groups I referred to earlier when mentioning those who simply wear the costume. To make matters potentially even more confusing, this term could also apply to ATS.

Fantasy – dances are dances with little or no basis in reality. This means that little or no actual movements of the people, little to no actual costume elements and perhaps entirely unrelated music. This style is close to modern dance, and in some cases it may be difficult to tell the difference where “fantasy” ends and “modern” begins. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean it cannot pass for “belly dance” to an uneducated audience. Which is misrepresentational, unprofessional and irresponsible unless it is properly titled and presented, in my opinion as an educator in the field. (all taken from The Tribal Bible)

Next week we finish up our discussion on “types” of tribal according to The Tribal Bible. From there we begin to look at the roots of “tribal” belly dance in the U.S.