Way Back Wednesday!

Way Back Wednesday – Well I had traditionally thought “chiftetelli” was just a rhythm but today I found a site that stated that it is more than that. Here’s what it said – Chiftetelli – Greek and Turkish style of bellydancing. Sensual to fast rhythmic patterns known as chiftetelli usually performed in two piece costume. Focus on undulations and pelvic tilts upwards. I looked it up on another site and yes, it is in fact more than just a rhythm. Here is what Wikipedia had to say – The Tsifteteli (Greek: τσιφτετέλι; TurkishÇiftetelli), is a rhythm and dance of Anatolia and the Balkans with a rhythmic pattern of 2/4.[1] In Turkish the word means “double stringed”, taken from the violin playing style that is practiced in this kind of music. There are suggestions that the dance already existed in ancient Greece, known as theAristophanic dance Cordax.[2] However it is widespread in Greece and Turkey, but also in the whole former Ottoman Empire region.