Way Back Wednesday Guedra. (Pronounced "GEE druh" or "GI druh" where the "g" is hard, like in the word "get", and the "gi" syllable uses the short i sound like in "it".) This is an ancient blessing ritual practiced by one of the Tuareg Berber tribes. The word Guedra has several meanings: it refers to the ritual itself, it refers to the particular Tuareg tribe that practiced it, it refers to a cooking pot, it refers to the drum that was made by stretching a skin over the top of the cooking pot, and it refers to the dancer who is actually performing the ritual. For more information about the Guedra, see the Guedra FAQ written by Me'ira at And

The Guedra is the Tuareg Blessing dance. In Arabic the Guedra is also the name of the cooking pot (or cauldron) which these nomads carry with them. This pot was covered with an animal skin to make a drum. The Guedra rhythm according to Morocco is: duh DAH m duh DAH/ dun DAH m duh DAH. She compares t…