Way Back Wednesday= Today's History is on Soheir Zaki, see yesterday's post for video's of her. As I was deciding what to post about her I found that there is just so much info that I find interesting that I couldn't decide what was most important. I'll keep it to a line or two and if you want more history on her I am attaching a great shot article on her so that you can read more.

Soheir Zaki was born in 1944. She began performing oriental dance in the 60's, starting primarily in Egypt. She danced through out the middle east in the through the 80's. She always danced solo, never used choreographers, worked with her orchestra in most shows. She was the iconic picture of the "Egyptian Belly Dancer" in the 70's and 80's. She retired in the 90's, making a few appearances to teach after that.

Sohair Zuki
Souhair Zaki was born in Mansoura in 1944, at a time of societal change. Urban weddings were becoming less extravagant and unsegregated. ’Awalim were still being hired as traditional performers for lower class weddings while the Egyptian upper class, the Westernized elite, began hiring popular nig…