This post has nothing to do with belly dance but it does have to do with kindness, generosity, and inspiration all of which I think we could use more of… And I really want people to know what kind of wonderful people there are out there….

A couple years ago I started a nonprofit who's mission was to purchase athletic prosthetics for amputees. I did this after my younger sister, an amputee was denied by insurance for the 6th time, being told that it was a luxury device. We raised enough money to get the organization up and running but changes in life made it so that I was unable to put a lot of focus into the nonprofit. I have kept it in good standing with the hope and dream of doing more with it in the future. Through a series of events this summer a wonderful local Tucson man called me and said "I want to help you…..I've got a friend and we are going to help you". We talked and cried and a month later the organization received a gift large enough to purchase a custom dual running and swimming leg… There was however one stipulation…. It had to go to the woman who inspired the organization…. My sister…. Yesterday I got a photo of her on her leg that she can swim with and maybe even run, something she was told she wouldnt be able to do again due to her condition. Few know or could ever fully appreciate the magnitude of this. I am so greatful, moved, humbled and inspired by these wonderful people. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Cathy C., Pat M., and Reba McEntire. You have touched many lives with your actions. We are eternally greatful.